Jesse Retherford’s Essential Guides to a Healthy, Injury-Free Barefoot Running Program

It is no secret that barefoot running has ingrained itself well enough in society. There are a lot of curios people who are willing to give “natural running” a go despite wearing weird looking shoes. However, this process of running, no matter how natural, still needs the proper instructions in order to avoid injuries.

Jesse James Retherford is a licensed massage therapist and a certified personal trainer who is a strong advocate of running barefoot. He believes that running barefoot the right way can lessen chronic pain and injury that will eventually lead to a healthy posture. He specializes in helping people treat and prevent chronic pain and injury. He is also the owner of the blog “The Art of Fitness.”

Jesse instructs and practices deep tissue massage therapy, flexibility, corrective exercise, functional training, meditation and barefoot or the minimalist movement. He is also a blogger by heart and is into journaling his safe techniques and tips on how to achieve the most out of running.

Among the helpful articles in his blog, we would like to highlight three that are most essential in starting and maintaining a healthy and injury-free barefoot running program.

Six-Week Walking Program – Transition to Running

Since a lot of people often ask him about how to transition from walking to running, Jesse decided to create a comprehensive 6-week walking program to guide those who want to start running or jump back on track after falling off the wagon. Although there are a lot of online programs that are designed to help train a person on how to run races, there are only few that actually introduce the art of running “pain free!” He shares that preventing pain and injury can only be achieved at the beginning when you n learn how to run properly.

Twelve-Week Running Program for an Injury Free Barefoot/Minimalist Transition

It’s highly irrational to rush into running barefoot especially if you haven’t run in 6 months or are new to barefoot running or walking as you will only invite pain instead of having a healthy posture. That’s why it is imperative that you first go through the Six-week Walking Program. Once you have completed that, you can then go through the Twelve-week Running Program provided by Jesse in his blog to hone your barefoot or minimalist walking/running habit.

Self Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

Finally, he shares how to overcome a common but highly painful foot injury called “Plantal Fasciitis” which apparently 10% of the world suffers from. Get to know how to self treat Plantar Fasciitis.

No matter what level you may find yourself in, we’re sure you would find Jesse James Retherford’s guide and tips. Save yourself from unnecessary pain. Start barefoot walking and running healthy and injury-pain-free today!

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