Let Your Heart Soar with Jinga’s Summer Collection!

Jinga’s Summer Collection is coming out on sale as it features its new line of colors that are sure to fit your bright summer mood! All carrying the Amanha Mais Feliz stamp, the shoes are made with both the environment and the community in mind.

Even though Jinga’s line features a lot of colors, you may want to check out their bestsellers:

1) Classic Black
2) Grey, Gold & Bronze
3) Classic Brazil
4) Classic White
5) Black, White & Gold

1) Classic Black
2) Classic Brazil
3) Grey, Gold & Bronze
4) Bronze, Pink & Black
5) Grey, Red, White & Black

The classic black shoe is the consistent popular choice among men and ladies due to its classic look that you can easily pair off with almost anything!

The Jinga Collection boasts of contoured soft material that comfortably encloses your feet. It offers stability and control allowing you to effortlessly manipulate your movements.

Jingas are made out of eco-friendly materials. The traction stripes on the outer sole are the identifying quality of the Jinga shoes. Coupled with its lightweight and super flexible materials, adults, young teens and kids alike can now enjoy running, dancing and adventuring in these shoes swiftly and with lesser friction.

But Jinga is not just about shoes and fun. They take their social responsibility seriously and this is reflected in their recently launched Digital Depiction workshop for the kids who are living in Rio de Janeiro’s poor communities.

The 12-week program aims to teach poor children about the different techniques of film making, digital photography and ways of how they can show a realistic illustration of their community through imagery. Not only will they be taught the essentials of photography but they will also be encouraged to experiment to create their own exciting and interesting images.

The highlight of this community program is the weekly Peeps. ‘Peeps from Within’ is a 3-minute video featuring children’s shots from the slum that answers questions on various topics including violence, current events and the future of Rio as well as theirs. The films, which are uploaded to the Internet together with their photos, will serve as the kids’ voice about different topics to capture a vast audience worldwide.

Getting a pair of Jinga’s does not only give you a sense of joy and freedom from this 100% vegan shoes’ light, durable and flexible features, you will also experience a more profound and fulfilling awareness that you are supporting the environment and the poor community of Rio de Janeiro. So let your heart soar with Jinga!

Jinga’s Summer Collection: New Colors

Jinga Ladies Silver Pink and Orange

Jinga Mens Silver Orange and White Originals

Jinga Light Blue Summer Brazil Originals

Ladies Silver Pink and Orange Mens Silver Orange and White Originals Mens and Ladies Light Blue Summer Brazil Originals

Jinga Light Blue Red and White Originals

Jinga Silver Green and Navy Originals

Jinga Silver Yellow and White Originals

Mens and Ladies Light Blue Red and White Originals Mens and Ladies Silver Green and Navy Originals Mens and Ladies Silver Yellow and White Originals

Jinga White Brazil Originals

Mens and Ladies White Brazil Originals

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