Kigo Drive

Kigo Drive

Product Description

Kigo has come out with another great product that every minimalist enthusiast would surely love! One of the few shoes in the market that has a zero drop outsole, the kigo drive has been fashioned to easily accommodate a human foot while providing utmost comfort and flexibility. Its construction and shape can boost your propioception and balance resulting in an improved posture and performance.

Other features that you’ll love about the kigo drive are:

• Roomier toe box
• 2mm outsole that makes it extremely flexible and light
• Fingerprint tread that offers adequate traction
• Removable insole for those who prefer a more direct ground feel
• Speed laces for easy adjustment
• Made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials
• Low carbon footprint

Time to get comfortable and closer to the ground with the kigo drive casual minimalist shoes!

Kigo Drive Testimonials

Andrea, great minimal shoe

I love this minimal shoe. I was looking for a barefoot type shoe to wear in the winter and this is a great choice for when it rains or is a bit chilly. So comfortable, cute and light weight, they have become my go to casual shoe now. They run a little wide being a unisex shoe, but you can cinch them in to fit right.

Jaime, Minimal is good

This is perfect for the minimalist shoe that I had hoped for. I have worn it through the cold muddy Oregon winter thus far and have been very pleased with it’s natural feel, whether in th edog park or coffee shop. And it drys very quickly which is a must.