Kigo Curv

Product Description

If you want a shoe that is both stylish and minimalist comfort, then Kigo Curv is the shoe for you. You can use this for pilates, daily wear, or fitness. The Kigo curv is ultra-lightweight and tasteful. It has a comfortable and classy look made for daily wear and athletic use. It has a durable rubber outsole that is combined with feminine style to give it a ballerina appearance with a bodybuilder’s strength. Kigo Curv features a traditional style with minimalist comfort. The shoes are water and stain resistant.

5 thoughts on “Kigo Curv”

    • @Linda, not sure if Kigo has distribution in Canada, but we know some of the people there so we’ll ask and let you know…

  1. I just wish they weren’t 2 different colors. I have Vibrams and love them, but don’t want to wear them anywhere but on the treadmill because they do look really strange. These look nice but the color scheme is too loud.

  2. If you go on the kigo website you’ll see that there are options for single color – just grey with either black, grey or green stitching. Also, look on the retailer tab – there’s a store in Edmonton that carries – it looks like the only one in Canada.
    You can order them from the kigo website. If you e-mail them they’ll let you know what to do. That’s what I did now I’m just waiting for my shel’s to arrive – can’t wait to see how they stack up against the Nike Frees.


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