Kigo Flit

Kigo Flit

Product Description

The kigo flit is the ideal casual minimalist footwear for ladies who just can’t seem to get enough of feeling close to the ground. It is so light at 4 ounces that you don’t even need to take it off when you step on the scale. The flit is the 3rd generation of the Mary Jane-style shoes by kigo and boasts of significant improvements over the curv and star such as:

• The flit has a zero drop sole while the curv has a differential height of 1.5mm
• The 2mm rubber outsole is more flexible
• Elastic panels that help retain its shape longer as well as stay snug and fit
• Like the kigo drive, the flit has a roomier toe box that enables your toes to wiggle comfortably
• Removable insole for those who prefer a more direct ground feel

Of course, just like all the kigo’s, the flit is made with recycled materials that are friendly to the you and the environment. Feel free, green and close to the earth with the stylish kigo flit!

Kigo Drive Testimonials

Indi, I love those! they look so incredibly comfortable!! Gotta remember it next time I need shoes!
Iris, Seriously adorable! LOVE that diagonal strap—takes the usual Mary Jane style a step beyond. And the thumbprint sole is one of those surprise hidden features that can make me pull the credit card trigger. I’ve been looking forward to your review of these shoes. So cute!