Matt’s Fake Vibram FiveFingers KSO Experience

Here Matt explains his experiences with both the KSO and KSO Trek’s as well as his experiences with the fake Vibram FiveFIngers (Be careful!). Thank you Matt for sharing.

I wear barefoot shoes exclusively. I have some KSOs for casual and KSO Trek for work. I work in a hospital setting and they cause quite a stir. I got the second pair so I could get black on black and be closer to OSHA compliance. I used to have pain in my right hip–it is totally gone. My toes look different and have more independent movement. My gait has changed and my right foot does not turn in as much as it did (it always has turned in slightly). I swear by these shoes and I give testimonials to 5 people a week at least. I am 25 years old and live in Atlanta.

I decided to try barefoot running shoes because I was tired of washing socks and I wanted a shoe that was durable–I was excited they could be washed in the clothes washer.

The process of getting my KSOs was a little dramatic. I went to buy online and after my purchase I discovered that I had bought from a fake web site in China. I had to trick them to cancel my order by telling them I ordered the wrong size and color. I then went to REI and bought one of the two varieties they carried. I got my second pair at Abbadabba’s, a local company I think.

The only argument I have heard to contradict my personal experience and just logical conclusions regarding these shoes is that our ancestors did not run or walk on surfaces like concrete. Other than that running barefoot must be better for you. Millions of years of evolution sculpted our feet to be perfect–that being said, some people may be mutated or mixed in their feet!

I have attached a pic of me wearing my KSOs–it is a casual day for me!


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