Meet the Shoes: Newton Running and Reebok ZigTech Shoes Comparison

The “energy drink for your feet” of Reebok ZigTech versus the Action/Reaction Technology of Newton Running Shoes – which one’s for you?

It is so easy to get lost in all the hype we get from the barefoot running niche as shoe manufacturers dash in and present their innovative shoes to an eager market. Given the rising popularity of Newton Running Shoes and Reebok ZigTech, it is high time for us to put these barefoot running shoes on the spotlight and compare them side by side.

Unique Characteristic

Both brands feature an innovative technology that aspires to help runners run better with less. Newton Running Shoes owes their satisfactory performance to the patented Action/Reaction Technology which simply means the shoes absorb the impact from the forefoot or midfoot strike and then return energy back to you.

This dynamic is a product of the shoes’ actuator lugs. As your foot lands on the ground, the actuator lugs are pushed into the hollow chambers of the shoe’s midsole which effectively absorb the impact. The stored energy from the lugs are released as you lever your foot inside the shoe which then sends a burst of energetic reaction that propels you forward. This means lesser stress on your feet and legs giving you more energy to go further. The idea is coined from Newton’s Third Law of Motion which generally says that for every action there is an equivalent reaction.

On the other hand, the unique characteristic of Reebok Zigtech can obviously be seen at the bottom of the shoes which features an innovative and considerably light foam that is structured into a zig-zag shape. The sole not only shaves off some of the shoes’ supposed weight, but it is also designed as such to help spread the impact from heel strikes to the winding lines propelling you forward. This results to a powerful reduction of the work being performed by your leg muscles when running allowing you to run more. In fact, Reebok ZigTech prides itself as being an energizer that gives athletes a bounce.


Many people have reacted to the unique yet glaring look of Reebok Zigtech shoes. Depending on one’s taste, these shoes would work just fine for you if you like modern looking shoes. Aside from its ultra lightweight features, these shoes are also soft and provide a lot of cushioning as well as excellent propulsion.

Newton Running Shoes resemble your typical running shoes except that some of their models sport loud colors. These shoes have often been described as comfortable with good traction. Plus the Newtons have helped a countless number of people overcome foot pain. However, if you have bunions, you might find the Newtons a little too tight in the forefoot area.


Most buyers get stuck in this aspect as they try to weigh the advantages of each brand to get the most out of their hard earned money. Both brands offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you love to run then you have to pamper your feet with the perfect pair of shoes that can greatly help you optimize your running performance as well as protect your feet from injuries and other possible harmful materials. Choose the best pair that fits your preferences in terms of comfort, style, and cost while giving you the best performance.

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