Meet the Shoes: Newton Running Shoes and Inov-8 Shoes Comparison

Runners who dream to establish a name in history need important tools to achieve their goal. These tools are considered their most valuable assets during special events that highly demand its absolute performance. The extent of success which a runner can attain greatly depends on the quality and reliability that his running shoes can give. You need to identify the right pair of shoes that can promise to meet your expectations. Read on to see the highlights of the two most popular shoe brands and discover significant reasons why they have become the choice of athletes worldwide.

To start with, let us check out the technological breakthroughs implemented in the manufacture of Newton Running Shoes and Inov-8 Shoes. Newton Running Shoes point the Action/Reaction Technology to be the secret ingredient behind the continuous demand of their products. This idea explains at least 40% return of energy keeping the runner active for a longer period. It originally came from Newton’s Third Law of Motion which states that for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. On the other hand, Inov-8 claims its biomechanics to be the central concept in all their running shoe designs. It is expressed in the concept of how they try to create products that will exactly fit with the natural foot functions particularly when doing outdoor activities.

Although Newton and Inov-8 shoes may differ in some way, they both work to provide only the best for everyone. While Newton running shoes emphasize a reduction in heel lift, Inov-8 speaks of clearly studying the natural movements of the feet as how they normally react in mountains or other terrains. But the two actually means the same thing. They want to ensure safety and maximum prevention from common injuries. Another interesting fact about the two brands is that they share a social responsibility which confirms their desire to uplift the status of the community.

In terms of marketing strategies, the Newton Running Shoes offer a 30-day guarantee policy which allows customers to experience the features of their shoes and return or exchange them after the trial period in case of failure to bring a satisfactory performance. Despite the risk of loss due to returns, the company strongly trusts the quality of products they give the market. Inov-8 Shoes on the other hand provides a one year warranty period for material or manufacturing fault and promises to either replace or mend the shoes. This claim however is not applicable to the shoes with damages that resulted from normal wear and tear or an accident.

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  1. I just got a pair of Inov-8 shoes in the brilliant Kelly Green. I love them! They fit well and I can feel the road beneath my feet. I used to wear Nike Frees but I’ll never go back. They’re well worth the money.


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