Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove

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Product Description

The secret of the Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove is its snug fit and stability. The Trail Glove has a synthetic leather foot sling that is responsibility for the stability. As they say, this model is all you need from the “rocks to the roots”. What’s more, these shoes are made from synthetic material of microfiber and breathable air mesh upper, allowing trapped moisture to evaporate from the air holes. It also features the signature Merrell Omni-Fit lacing system that allows that glove-like fit on the foot.

The Trail Glove was made to be worn without socks. The smooth insides of the shoes especially around the ankle collar ensure that there will be no blistering from the constant rubbing motion between the skin and the shoes. In addition, these shoes provide for ample space in the toe box so that the toes are splayed comfortably, which also contributes to the stability of the runner.

In terms of durability, the synthetic upper and rubber toe bumper of the Trail Glove are fused in such a way that they remain flexible and can be easily bent to adjust to whatever surface that the wearer runs or walks over.


Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove Videos

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Trail Glove Men Testimonials

Gareth With my Barefoot Trail Glove, I don’t have to buy shoe sizes that are either bigger or smaller than my true shoe size. The fit is just right. After having experimented the shoe sizing of almost all the popular shoes brands, I’d say I’ll finally stick to Merrell.
Will Sears I did a 14 mile-run on my first try with my Barefoot Trail Glove pair. It’s usually not recommended the but the model is so comfortable, I found it difficult to stop.

These shoes changed my stride and strike on the first try. I usually hit the ground with the heel first, but with my new Merrell pair, I was not a heel striker anymore. In my two decades of running, I’ve had all the injuries listed in the book. But with my Barefoot Trail Glove, I’m optimistic not to hurt myself anymore, and enjoy every mile that I run.

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2 thoughts on “Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove”

  1. After 30 years of running with knee pain, I decided to start over with a minimal shoe. Within a two week adjustment period of running with the trail glove all of my knee pain was gone. I just completed a tough trail 1/2 marathon with them, and then raced a 5k the next day on the road, without having the trashed leg feeling. It takes some time to get used to them, so start out only using them for part of your regular training run and complete the run with your regular shoes. My calves were slightly sore at first, and I was slower on pavement, but as I learned to run again it all came together. This has brought a whole new challenge and perspective to my running, nothing short of a miracle!


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