Merrell Barefoot True Glove

Product Description

Merrell’s Barefoot True Glove is ideal for running along creeks, cracks, off-roads and over rocks. True Glove is your all-around, multi-purpose, multi-sport barefoot shoes.

Like the rest of the Merrell 2011 collection, True Glove has the trademark Omni-Fit Lacing System which more efficient than the usual eyelet holes in securing the shoe snugly over the foot for the perfect fit. For added security, a support construction in the insides keeps the mid-foot in place.

What is good with True Glove is that they are able to keep the heel in place and allows the mid-foot to arch over rocks but the shoe leaves a wide space at the shoe box so that the toes are not tightly pressed together.

Even at first run, wearer will find the True Glove comfortable enough.


True Glove Men Testimonials

RonaldI have finally found a good minimalist shoe that looks good. I have observed that these shoes have break-in period, but once over, the shoes are great. It has changed my stride to the correct barefoot running stride.
Running shoes don’t have to look as bad as some mountain trails rights? I’m glad somebody at Merrell’s though of combining beauty and sense.
Mark JohnMy new True Gloves have the same feel as my Vibrams Trek Shoes. Fit is its best asset. It fits snugly so, I guess there will be no slippage whatsoever. By the way, the wide toe box is comfortable too.
I intend to take it to my next trip to Hawaii and see for myself how it takes off from the VFF models.

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