Merrell Barefoot Power Glove

Product Description

This model is good for off trail adventures as well as the usual routine activities such as commuting for work, strolling around town and casual hiking with your outdoor buddies.

The Power Glove revs up your style with its ankle-length design that protects ankles from cuts and bruises while the three Easy Z-Rap Velcro straps that holds the shoes in place. For the not so rugged terrain and navigation around city streets, the Power Glove is an ideal footwear.

Comfort is not compromised with the Power Glove. It is made of soft leather material that conforms with every movement of the feet. It allows movement while protecting the feet, rather than restrict it as some ankle-length models do.


Power Glove Women Testimonials

Mimi Callaway Protection is essential, but so is hygiene. I like Barefoot Power Glove because even though it highly covers my feet, it provides for air to pass around, thus avoiding accumulation of germs as moist gets trap inside closed shoes.
City walkers looking for the barefoot feel have found their friend in Power Gloves. They’re also for the trails alright, but they come in urban looking designs that it’s great to pair them off with the hippest city clothes you have.

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