The Most Common Complaints of Vibram Five Fingers

Most of us, before buying stuff we haven’t tried before, we always try to find reviews of this particular product for their pros and cons. In this way, we can evaluate if this product is worth our hard earned money to spend for. All products have its own pros and cons, even the most popular Vibram Five Fingers.  We all know Vibram Five Fingers gathers unlimited compliment from its thousand or even millions of consumers around the globe. However, a product like this that seems to be perfect, also has many complaints we need to consider.  Some of the common complaints that have showed up in many customer forums and discussions are as follows, feel free to chime in:

Odd looking shoes

“Style and fashion does matter”! When we purchase clothes or something we wear, we are very fussy about the style and how it looks when we wear it. Many hard to please individuals describes Vibram Five Fingers as footwear from hell, fugly, “CROC made condoms for your feet” etc… With these comments, it simply shows many of us or I can say MOST of us are still into design and style over comfort and the potential health benefits of our feet. Maybe some of these critiques should look into the Nike Frees instead.


Many of Vibram Five Finger customers are complaining about the stinky smell after a week or two of using the shoes. Some are claiming that the smell get even worse after soaking and cleaning it using a detergent or some other cleaning agent. I’ve been an adventurer and an athletic type of person myself (sometimes), and normally, shoes get stinky because of sweat, not wearing socks, poor hygiene (unwashed feet before using) or soaking wet sweaty shoes that got dried up while wearing it.

We can avoid this unpleasant odor by cleaning them after every use. Anyway, it only takes a couple minutes of our time and it’s definitely worth it. Someone other reviewers with the same problem came up with a solution that everybody is free to try.  He uses Trader Joe’s Cedarwood & Sage All-Purpose Cleaner, and Earth Day Products’ “Everyday Stain & Odor Remover”, letting each one sits for a few minutes before rinsing them out and spraying the other. When the weather is warm, they’ll dry on their own pretty quickly, but in the winter, prop them up against a fan and let them “blow dry” that way.

The Toe Doesn’t Fit

These shoes surely attract attention however, for a person who doesn’t have perfectly shaped toes the shoes may not fit very well. Some of us have larger toe size that gives us hard time to fit in those shoes. Forcing your toes to fit in will definitely cause painful blisters at first. After several painful attempts at alignment, the shoes became wearable though I wouldn’t want to go through that every time I put on shoes. Many runners who uses Vibram Five Fingers for the first time, experiences chafing near the inside arches of both feet where the strap across the top starts after running less than two miles. Also, there was pinching and chafing on the big toes and pinky where the seams are. After the run, they took off the Vibram Five Fingers and saw blisters developed in both inner arches. Some of them also experienced chafe on the heel construction a bit. You can experience these on the first few run on these shoes. Use Vibram Five finger everyday during your daily regimen to settle the correct fit. It really takes time to get used to them.

Some of the population have longer index toes than their big toe, this will obvious cause a problem since there are no Vibram Five Fingers shoes that were made for that relatively small portion of the population.

Sizing Problems

Vibram Five Finger has different sizes compare to other shoe brands. You should fit them before your first purchase. It could be impractical to order your very first pair online using your current shoe size. It will definitely cause fitting issues especially on your toes. Many online buyers had encountered this fitting issue. I was lucky to have ordered them online and have them fit perfectly.


Well there you go, some of the more common complaints. There are obviously others and we welcome anybody to chime in on the comments!