New 2011 ZEM Gear Shoes Coming Soon

NEW ZEM Shoes for 2011

If you’ve seen our ZEM Gear Split Toe Lo Unboxing or Split To Lo Review then you already know that we’re big fans of ZEM shoes. They are not your average minimalist shoe thanks to its unique split toe “ninja” design. Rather than rest on the success of their already popular shoes, ZEM has taken the feedback they’ve received and updated their entire shoe lineup. We’re happy to give all of our readers a sneak peak at the exciting new line.

What’s New

The current lineup of ZEM shoes revolves around one main shoe design which allows for a few variations like collar height, split or round design, etc… With the 2011 lineup comes 3 new shoes each designed for a set of particular activities.

ZEM Gear 360

2011 ZEMgear 360 Shoe

  • Designed primarily for runners
  • Weighs a feather light 2.6 oz
  • Still has the split toe design
  • Includes an improved outsole: better traction and durability

ZEM Gear H20

2011 ZEMgear H20 Shoe

  • Designed with water sports in mind (boating, kayaking, etc…)
  • Integrated heel and to protection
  • Has non-skid rubber outsole “pods” that keep your feet glued to a surface

ZEM Gear O2

2011 ZEM Oxygen 2 Shoe

  • Designed for both running and water sports (best of both worlds)
  • New and improved outsole for better traction and durability

What’s notable about all of their shoes is ZEM’s focus on the environment when it comes to manufacturing and shipping their shoes. ZEM uses low energy manufacturing and avoids using an excessive amount of chemicals in the manufacturing process as well. In addition compared to other shoe companies which use boxes, tissue paper, and other materials in their packaging ZEM takes a page out of minimalist footwear and uses minimalist packaging. If you’ve seen our boxing ZEM shoes come in a plastic bag that takes up a fraction of what a traditional shoebox takes (see video below).

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