New Balance Doesn’t Oppose the Barefoot Movement

A few days ago on the New Balance website they released a statement which basically said that while there are barefoot running skeptics out there and how barefoot running may not be the most practical (having to use the port-o-potty while barefoot might not be the most sanitary) that New Balance is investing the resources to create shoes that could still appeal to both traditional shoe runners as well as minimalist shoe runners.

Specifically they mention that:

At New Balance, we’re committed to developing shoes with various levels of cushioning and support—from very little to plenty. And we’re continually exploring the human foot and the best way to accommodate it. We do this by working with renowned bio-mechanical engineers, podiatrists, and top-ranked ultra-marathoners—even barefoot ones. In this way, we’re able to offer footwear options for all kinds of needs—from the most minimal support on upwards. Unless of course you’re going barefoot. Then we’ll just cheer you on and offer another kind of support—the emotional kind.

You can read their whole statement at their website.

It’s a good sign for barefoot movement supporters when a large athletic company such as New Balance acknowledges that this barefoot running is not some crazy fad, but something worth taking a extra look at.   They already have done the MR800 Chi Running Shoes so hopefully they come out with some more great shoes!

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