New Balance Minimus Teaser Photos and Surprises

Exclusive New Balance Minimus shoe photos

OK so it seems like no one really liked my personal rendition of what a New Balance Minimus shoe might look like.  But desperate times called for desperate measures since searching online for any photos yielded nothing tangible. However, it looks like our prayers have been answered. New Balance has sent us some teaser photos of the Minimus…and they look sexy! Looking at the photos also reveals some very surprising info. Read and watch on!

Recap for anyone not familiar with the Minimus Shoe Collection:

  • This is a dedicated barefoot-inspired shoe line that will include 3 different modesl to start: running, trail running, and a wellness model
  • Minimus will launch officially in March of 2011
  • Minimus collection is built on lots of testing and past experience with other minimalist shoes (like MT100/WT100 and the upcoming New Balance 101 shoes)

Close up of a New Balance Minimus shoe view of logoA close up of the back of the upcoming New Balance Minimus shoeNew Balance Minimus uses Vibram for the Outer Sole

Looking at the photos (especially the last photo) reveals some interesting information

  • Looks like it’s using a very breathable mesh-like material (similar to the 100 or 101 line of trail running shoes)
  • Most shocking is the fact that Vibram, who is well known for their Vibram FiveFingers barefoot shoes, is supplying the outer sole for the shoe and their logo is prominently featured on the shoe

It’s interesting how Vibram will be supplying parts of the shoe for the Minimus collection. Vibram, if you didn’t know, well before the popularity of FiveFingers, has been in the business of making high quality rubber outer soles for other shoe makers…a lot of their soles end up making their way into boots. What’s intersting is how the Minimus collection represents competition for FiveFingers, but at the same time a business opportunity.

All along I was thinking how Vibram would need to look out for competition from New Balance, but it seems like it’s not so clear cut anymore…since technically they are partners too. Overall I think it’s a good win/win situation…can’t wait for more details to emerge.

Let us know what you think.  You think they’ll also do a FiveFinger toed version New Balance shoe?