New Balance MT101 Now Available

new Balance MT101 now available

Even though New Balance said that the 101 line of trail running shoes (successor to the New Balance MT100 – men or WT100 – women shoes) wouldn’t be available until October of this year it turns out that you can order these shoes through their store right now. We were browsing the Shop New Balance store and lo and behold we saw the above product page.

It looks like the MT101 shoes are ready for purchase.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the woman’s version, the WT101 shoes are available.  So women who were anxious to get a pair are going to have to wait a little longer.  Otherwise you lucky men can buy a pair now.

In case you wanted to know more about the New Balance 101 shoe… keep on reading below:

Looking for a low-profile, protective, comfortable but ultra lightweight and stylish shoe that fits your style and demands? Then look no further, New Balance is introducing the latest from its ultimate line of trail runner shoes for women. Introducing the New Balance MT101 Mens!

The New Balance MT101 Mens is for the extreme runner on a minimalist trail. The rear heel of the shoe has EVA foam on the inside and the sole is made of parallel rubber tracts for utmost rear traction. This feature offers better cushioning on the inside and tighter grip on rocky or sandy terrain. The middle part of the sole is made up of ACTEVA which acts like a shock absorber that can additionally resist compression. The outer midsole is composed of polka-dotted rubber mounds to provide added traction as well. This helps lessen the overall weight of the shoes as it does not allow for dirt or mud stuck in these parts. Likewise, the midsole bends easily which gives you a natural gait and a minimalist feel that consequently increases flexibility.

The front part of the sole, on the other hand, has smaller rubber craters and x-like rubber tracts which lend for good traction and a better feel of the trail. Another added feature of the NB MT 101 Mens is the ROCKSTOP which provides better protection for the front part of your foot. Overall, the sole is unexpectedly tough for such a flexible composition giving your foot better protection from trail rocks and other debris.

The general outer surface of the shoe is an artificial net-like mesh which keeps the New Balance 101 Minimalist Trail Running shoes splash proof and breathable with a quick drying ability. Running through shallow streams or creeks would not pose a drenching threat with these shoes. Moreover, the New Balance’s Sure Lace technology keeps your mind off any lacing distractions. The tongue of the shoe is made a bit thicker but shorter as well, an added treat that keeps it from being vacuumed below the laces. The shoe design and styling is a sure hit keeping in line with the New Balance earth color toning of black and grey with a mix of futuristic streaks of glossy silver and green giving you a footwear that presents the best of both worlds.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know the 101s have been released! I cruise around shoe websites for no reason too sometimes.
    I love the New Balance 101s better than the 100s. I got a pair of the 101s before they were released and thought I was cool. Looks like I’ll have to go back to being like everyone else. Here’s what I thought about trail running in them:


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