New Balance MT1010 Review: 5 reasons this is a great minimalist trail shoe

5 reasons the New Balance MT1010 is a great minimalist trail shoe

Do you run often run trails and are looking for a shoe that can take the rough conditions? Do you want a minimalist shoe as well? The New Balance MR 1010 is a strong contender among the minimalist trail shoes. It is styled with rough trail as well as descent and ascent in mind. What’s to like about this shoe?

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1. The New Balance MT 1010 is a very flexible shoe. And minimalist shoe enthusiasts expect this. The shoe responds to the movement of your foot, rather than your foot molding to the shape of the shoe.

2. This shoe has minimal cushion so it is responsive. But because it is a trail shoe, there is a little bit of cushion there. It has a 4mm drop meaning it rises 4mm from toe to heel. There is no arch support or extra heel cushion, just a thin cushion that is a bit thicker in the heel area. As a cautionary note, if you have not worn minimalist shoes before, learn proper running form and build up your muscles before wearing these for long runs. This will prevent the injuries common to transitioning to minimalist shoes.

3. The New Balance MT 1010 are seamless, meaning there will be less chance of blisters. However several runners noted these shoes do rub a little and are better worn with socks. Wearing socks is an easy fix to this problem. Also, the upper tends to wear more quickly than the soles do. Hopefully this issue will be addressed in later models.

4. The New Balance MT 1010 is roomy in the toes. The toe box does curve slightly up but is lined with a suede like cap to prevent blisters. The funky design of the toe area does not take away from comfort. And a bit of lining is nice when your toes jam into the front of the shoe on steep downhills. The rest of the shoe is a bit roomier too but snug enough to stay on your feet.

5. The best feature of the New Balance MT 1010 is the pod like tread. The sole of the shoe is designed with pods, arranged in a pattern to accommodate a midfoot strike runner. The pods are made with aggressive raised rubber to really grip the trail and protect the foot from sharp objects at contact points. These shoes can really handle rugged terrain. Along with the built in rock plate, these shoes can really take a beating.

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Despite concerns about the durability of the upper, these shoes are well designed for trail running with great lugs yet minimal cushioning. They also feature a gusseted tongue which acts as a debris shield. After all, you don’t want to bring the trail home with you in your shoe! The New Balance MT 1010, with it’s rugged design, is definitely worth a look. They are available on Amazon in 8 color combinations.

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