New Balance WX20v3 Review: 4 reasons this is a good cross trainer

Looking for a lightweight shoe great for cross training or Crossfit workouts? This barefoot shoe earned top score in our New Balance WX20v3 review. It was designed with the Crossfit athlete in mind. And just as the minimalist shoe craze has hit the running world, the appeal of the minimalist shoe is spreading. New Balance has designed a lightweight shoe with a low drop and carefully targeted support. This means the shoe protects your foot without much bulk. What does this shoe offer the cross trainer?

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1. The New Balance WX20v3 has a padded collar (area around the ankle) and tongue (right on top of your foot) to give you the feel of wearing comfy socks, not a heavy shoe. This also makes slipping them on and off easy so you aren’t tugging to get it around your foot.

2. The toe box is nice and wide in the New Balance WX20v3 so your toes aren’t scrunched into the shoe. Because there is minimal support, the wider toe box allows your foot to sit naturally in the shoe, rather than formed to the support systems in a conventional shoe. The upper of the shoe is a breathable mesh with a synthetic overlay. The overlay makes the shoe fit around your foot rather than feeling like your foot is slipping and sliding around. And the mesh is breathable. Another nice feature is the antimicrobial inside which reduces odor. After a tough workout you may smell sweaty, but you don’t want your shoes to hold that smell!

3. Minimal cushioning means the New Balance WX20v3 is not a heavy, supportive shoe. These minimalist features make the shoe lightweight and flexible. If you want to move around easily and quickly, these shoes will not get in your way. At 6oz they are light on your feet.

4. The best feature about these minimalist shoes is the built in lateral stability. Crossfit workouts require lots of quick movements at high intensity. Lateral, or side to side support makes it easier to train without your foot sliding around or having pain in the midfoot. Some have noted they are not the best option for rope climbs but these shoes hold up in a variety of exercises. The welded seams ensure there is no stitching to rub or cause painful blisters. There is a 4mm drop, meaning from toe to heel the shoe rises 4mm. This is not much for a training shoe, but provides just enough to support your foot a little.

The New Balance WX20v3 is a nice shoe for the cross trainer. It is minimalist but with targeted support and a bit of cushion. It also comes in 5 color combinations: purple and yellow, black and pink, white and pink, blue and “Diva pink,” as well as silver and red.

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