Minimus Trail MT10

Product Description

Sometimes it is beneficial to run along nature and every hidden forest trail is a good place to run, hike or just even have a good healthy walk with nature. Unfortunately, you won’t get to feel the ground on your feet with bulky shoes. Good thing barefoot running is starting to allow men to get in touch with nature. The Minimus Trail MT10 is one of those shoes that can connect your feet more to the ground without being too heavy for hiking.

The shoes are made with a 4mm drop which is the difference between heel height and toe height. It provides more natural foot position than traditional and non minimalist traditional shoes. The Minimus also allows the wearer’s foot to expand naturally on impact with the ground. It also aims in minimizing the distance from foot to ground to encourage mid-foot strike. The Minimus Road WR10 contains all these advanced barefoot technology but is almost 50% lighter than traditional lightweight shoes.


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