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New Balance Men’s MR10v2 Minimus Running Shoe Review

The New Balance Men’s MR10v2 Minimus Running Shoe has a 4mm heel-to-toe drop, new Vibram sole and new Revlite midsole. Weighing only 147 grams or 5.2 ounces, it is super lightweight – even lighter than the previous year’s model. It is designed with your posture in mind – to encourage running with proper form, where your posture is upright and strikes are midfoot, with high regularity.

The Vibram outsole has been further enhanced, with increased traction and durability. The internal construction is very breathable and friendly for entirely bare feet, even without socks. I especially liked the toe box, which has ample room for your toes to spread after contact with the ground.

Within the spectrum of barefoot running shoes New Balance offers, the MR10v2 lies mid-range. On the further left of the spectrum is the Minimus Zero, which is extremely light and is zero-drop. On the further right is the MR20, which is heavier and offers more cushion. The MR10 series is arguably for intermediate barefoot runners who have had some experience with barefoot running, and want to transition from the MR20. Skill level: intermediate.

Well-designed and visually appealing, the MR10v2 is suitable for casual occasions as well.

Season-wise these shoes are best for warmer months, unless you do not mind running in the cold. However, they are definitely suitable for indoor running during the winter and you can use them in the gym, with no problems.

New Balance Mens MR10v2

New Balance Mens MR10v2 Reviews

Pros – Well-cushioned for a barefoot shoe

– Extremely light

– 4mm heel drop provides sufficient support

– Sole is very well designed and comfortable: suitable for running with or without socks

– Suitable for running even on asphalt

– Perfect for forefoot strikers – you should have gotten used to this / got rid of your heel strike before trying this shoe

Cons – Not waterproof. Will get wet if you run in the rain or in wet terrain

– Sole does wear over time, but this is normal wear and tear

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