New Balance MR800

New Balance MR800 Side and Sole

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Product Description

The New Balance MR800 is among New Balance’s first shoes to address the midfoot strike / barefoot shoes market.  By designing the shoe to allow for a more natural midfoot strike this allows runners to minimize the amount of stress and impact that a traditional heel strike running shoe would provide.
The New Balance MR800 is also unique shoe as it one of a few shoes (like the Vibram FiveFinger shoes) which was created with runners who practice ChiRunning or ChiWalking or Pose running methods in mind.  ChiRunning which is a running technique which focuses on running in an efficient and natural way

The MR800 has been made with a great number of features, like laces that securely wrap around the midfoot area keeping the shoe snug around the foot, and cutting edge technology, like Lightning Dry which keeps skin dry and comfortable throughout your run.

The New Balance MR800 is a great shoe for those looking to run more naturally and perhaps try out Chi or Pose methods of running.


New Balance MR800 Men Testimonials


Santa Barbara, CA

Definitely Got What I Paid For (in a good way)

I’m not a serious long distance runner, but I put on a decent amount of mileage on my shoes (about 10 miles a week…if I’m not slacking).  The one problem I’ve been having for a while now is finding a solid shoe that is both comfortable and lightweight.   Luckily I found the New Balance MR800 which just happens to be super comfortable and light.  On top of that the shoe actually looks great too (of course that’s subjective).

It definitely is a shoe that stands apart from the rest.  The heel is relatively lower to the ground compared to other shoes which makes for a different running experience than other traditional running shoes.  You don’t experience as much heel strike because of this.  The other thing I really like about this shoe is that it isn’t overly cushioned like other company’s running shoes (Nike, Asics, to name a few).  Instead the MR800 gives just the right degree of cushioning and control.  Definitely would recommend this shoe to anyone.  Now go out and buy a pair!


Houston, TX

Not Only Comfortable, But Built to Last!

I know others have already commented on the comfort of these shoes, but believe me…they are comfortable!  This is coming from someone who is a serious runner (ie I can do half marathon in about an hour and a half) who has adopted the mid-forefoot running strike.  I think since I’ve been running this style I’ve been able to prevent any serious running injuries that most runners seem to develop…I have been running mostly injury free for over 30 years.  Anyway, after 2 weeks and some 100 miles on these shoes I’m happy to report that the shoes are still holding up.  Most other shoes I’ve had when it got to this kind of mileage started breaking down around the midsole…but not my MR800’s…I love them!

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