New Balance MT100

Side profile view of the New Balance MT100 trail running shoe

Product Description

The New Balance MT100 is a ultra lightweight trail running shoe for those with a neutral running style.  While not sold exclusively as a pure barefoot running shoe, many people agree that for off road running that you you can’t get the same kind of barefoot running experience without compromising protection from rocks and other debris.  This is probably one reason that the MT100 won the Editor’s Choice award by Trail Runner’s magazine.
The MT100 features a puncture-resistant material in the toe area to prevent unwanted intrusion from rocks and other debris.  It also features Sure Lace technology which keeps the foot snug inside the shoe and provides midfoot support.

Overall, runners praise the MT100’s  light weight, comfort, and ability to still feel the ground as you run .

free-shipping-vibram-flat2New Balance MT100 wins trailrunner magazine editors choice

New Balance MT100 Men Testimonials

LewisCouldn’t Be Happier with the Performance

For most of my life I’ve been your standard kind of runner, meaning I’m a heel to toe runner (my heel strikes first than follows through to my toe).  I didn’t realize it at the time, but because fo this I’ve had to suffer through years of knee pain.  All that changed after I read “Born to Run.”  In the book they talked about barefoot running and its benefits so I figured I should give it a try, I mean what did I have to lose?  Only problem was is that I love running on trails and somehow the thought of running all over rocks and other stuff on the trails wasn’t that appealing to me.  The MT100 was the perfect solution for me.  I’ve been able to run on the trails and thanks to Rock Stop none of the rocks bother me at all.  Also I’ve been able to focus on using a forefoot strike and the pain i used to feel is 1000 times better!



Great Shoe, Would be Perfect if Completely Flat

Out of the box these shoes are great.  They are super lightweight, extra comfortable, and provide just enough protection from the element when running on trails.  Compared to other trail running shoes it’s almost as if you aren’t wearing shoes when you are running. Overall the shoe is pretty flat, but the heel does have quite a bit of cushioning (though the forefoot is pretty minimal).  Some might be a little bothered by the extra heel cushioning, but for running on trails it helps minimize the hard impacts that happen.  However, I think the MT100’s would be perfect if New Balance just shaved a little off the heel.  All in all I love these shoes.

New Balance MT100 Videos

An up close look at the New Balance MT100 shoe. This is what you get in the box when you order a pair of these shoes

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