New Balance MT101

Product Description

The New Balance MT101 is a ultra lightweight trail running shoe for those with a neutral running style.  While not sold exclusively as a pure barefoot running shoe, many people agree that for off road running that you you can’t get the same kind of barefoot running experience without compromising protection from rocks and other debris.   The 101 is the successor to the popular MT100 shoe, which won the Editor’s Choice award by Trail Runner’s magazine.  The MT101 improves upon the original 100 design.
New Balance has made a significant number of improvements to the MT101 including:  More stability in the upper, additional lateral support, more padding and protection in the tongue, cleaner lip around the EVA collar, and more “pep” in the color choices.
If you liked the MT100 the MT101’s should be right down your alley
New Balance MT100 wins trailrunner magazine editors choice

New Balance MT101 Videos

An up close look at the New Balance MT101 shoe. This is what you get in the box when you order a pair of these shoes


A comparison look between the 101 shoe versus the 100 shoe