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The New Balance MT101 is a ultra lightweight trail running shoe for those with a neutral running style.  While not sold exclusively as a pure barefoot running shoe, many people agree that for off road running that you you can’t get the same kind of barefoot running experience without compromising protection from rocks and other debris.   The 101 is the successor to the popular MT100 shoe, which won the Editor’s Choice award by Trail Runner’s magazine.  The MT101 improves upon the original 100 design.
New Balance has made a significant number of improvements to the MT101 including:  More stability in the upper, additional lateral support, more padding and protection in the tongue, cleaner lip around the EVA collar, and more “pep” in the color choices.
If you liked the MT100 the MT101’s should be right down your alley
New Balance MT100 wins trailrunner magazine editors choice

New Balance MT101 Videos

An up close look at the New Balance MT101 shoe. This is what you get in the box when you order a pair of these shoes


A comparison look between the 101 shoe versus the 100 shoe

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  1. My MT 101’s just arrived in the mail today. Tried them on and they fit like a glove. They are so comfortable I asked my wife if I could wear them to bed. No luck on that, but can’t wait to go run in them tomorrow on my local trails. Have 2 pairs of New Balances 800’s and have enjoyed them tremendously. Just resently cut the heel rubber off of them and made a world of difference. Won’t have to do that to the MT 101’s though. They are already low enough in the heel. I could ramble on about my new shoes, but I want to get to bed so I can get up and go for a run in them. I will post later and let you know how they were.

  2. I’ve had these shoes a couple months now.
    Pro’s: lightweight, low heel, excellent heel cup (no rigid heel cup), over all excellent design
    Con’s: only comes in a fairly wide width (D)..most companies usually make a shoe in a C if they are only going to make one width. New Balance ‘use’ to be known for offering widths. Fairly stiff..which not only disables feel with the ground and proprioceptiveness but as research has shown stiffness is key contributor to achilles injuries and irritation. Traction is okay but not great…at least for a trail shoe. Interior fabric..someone abrasive if you go barefoot though in time your feet adapt to the hot spots.

  3. Retired military, amount of miles ran buco!! Trying to go barefoot or close to it; got my first pair of MT 101 monday, ran my first 3 miles yesterday (short distance, bumb right knee). Usually after runs I finish with lower back and knee pain, yesterday was great no pain. My stride changed, got of the heels, the MT 101 has just the right amount of sole were I could feel the ground, unbelievable feels great. Traction, did grass, trail and road not bad no slippage plus all areas were wet due to rain. Little bit wide all else within coolness, looking forward to many miles with these shoes. Planning my first trail race for March 11.

  4. Have been running in 101’s for a month now, and I honestly think this is the shoe I’ve been waiting for for over 30 years. Really. I remember liking the Adidas SL72 (I think that was it — they were pretty flat and minimal — Bill Rogers ran a marathon or two in them), and then mostly having to settle for performance training shoes and racers. The 101’s feel so good that, after several runs in them, I had the confidence to run 5 miles every morning barefoot on the beach 2 weeks ago in the Dominican Republic (yes, some sore calves), and I even did 5 miles barefoot on a treadmill in NYC after forgetting these shoes last week. No, I’m not going barefoot, because the 101 is better than barefoot. I really appreciate the the forefoot plate that protects the foot from rocks and ice ridges. It doesn’t at all limit the freedom of movement at the metatarsals. I’m 60 years old, about 6 ft, weigh 165 — not big, but not tiny either. I hope this shoe is around for a long, long time.

  5. Hey,

    Anyone know how these compare to NB 790s? I just got a pair of 790s a few weeks ago (on sale for 39 bucks…great deal!) and totally love them…but wondering if the MT 101 is sufficiently better (read: more minimal) to warrant a second purchase.


  6. I bought these shoes about 3 months ago, and I was ecstatic about them initially. Now, as I have to run more on cold winter sidewalks, I have discovered the problem with the 8mm heel lift. Here’s the thing: if you are a runner with good form, you place your foot down on the ball of the foot, and the heel moves towards the ground as the 3 joints of the leg flex to take your weight. If you are barefoot, the heel will only touch lightly if at all. If there is a heel in your shoe, you will tend to put your heel down more quickly and more completely. This is not so noticeable in a cushioned shoe, but in a firm shoe like the mt101, the heel can hit a frozen sidewalk pretty hard. Of course, one adapts and prevents the heel from hitting hard by using the calf muscles, but this little shortening of the calves is unnecessary and ultimately fatiguing. The solution? Take out the 8mm heel lift. Please. Otherwise my Merrell Trail Gloves are going to win this battle. And I have been a New Balance fan for 20 years.

  7. Casual reader,

    I have the 790’s also and LOVE them also. I too have been wondering how they compare because I regret I didn’t t buy two pairs of the 790’s now that they are gone. I tried on a pair at the store and they felt amazing, still not sure how they will compare. Anyone else out there try them that had 790’s?


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