Minimus Trail WT10

Product Description

There was a time when women were afraid to hike with their men or friends because they fear of tripping or they did not have the enthusiasm to lug around shoes. But, with barefoot running on the steady rise, New Balance’s Minimus Trail WT10 can give women who love to hike and jog through nature more reason to lace up and walk the trails. Packed with New Balance innovation, it gives the perfect opportunity for women to commune with nature.

The shoes are made with a 4mm drop which is the difference between heel height and toe height. It provides more natural foot position than traditional and non minimalist traditional shoes. The Minimus also allows the wearer’s foot to expand naturally on impact with the ground. It also aims in minimizing the distance from foot to ground to encourage mid-foot strike. The Minimus Road WR10 contains all these advanced barefoot technology but is almost 50% lighter than traditional lightweight shoes.


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  1. Please notify me as soon as the WT10 barefoot running shoe is available. and where I can try them on and purchase in Bellingha, WA. Thanks

  2. The picture you have up of the women’s wt10 is actually the men’s version the mt10 the women’s version does not come in that color.


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