New Balance WT100

new balance wt100 women's barefoot running shoe

Product Description

The New Balance WT100 is a ultra lightweight trail running shoe for those with a neutral running style. While not sold exclusively as a pure barefoot running shoe, many people agree that for off road running that you you can’t get the same kind of barefoot running experience without compromising protection from rocks and other debris. This is probably one reason that the WT100 won the Editor’s Choice award by Trail Runner’s magazine.
The WT100 features a puncture-resistant material in the toe area to prevent unwanted intrusion from rocks and other debris. It also features Sure Lace technology which keeps the foot snug inside the shoe and provides midfoot support.

Overall, runners praise the WT100’s light weight, comfort, and ability to still feel the ground as you run .

free-shipping-vibram-flat2New Balance MT100 wins trailrunner magazine editors choice

New Balance WT100 Women Testimonials

Ellen It’s Like a Natural Extension of Your Foot

You might look at these shoes and think to yourself, “oh, another pair of hiking/running shoes,” but you’d be wrong.  These New Balance shoes have to be one of the few shoes which were designed specifically for fore and midfoot striking running styles.  From what I’ve read these shoes were designed by observing ultra marathon runners and their running styles (apparently one of the runners they observed actually runs barefoot).  I’ve been transitioning away from heavily padded and supported shoes to a more natural and minimal style of running for some time now.  I love shoes like the Mizuno Wave racing and you’d be hard pressed to get me out of my FiveFingers…but when it comes to a great minimalist trail running shoe I couldn’t find anything good…that is until I found the WT800 shoes.  These are amazing.  I’m able to leap from rock to rock without worrying about slipping and hurting myself.  I probably wouldn’t recommend these shoes if you’re a heel striker or you don’t want to feel lighter on your feet…but for anyone else who wants to embrace the barefoot style…these come highly recommended.

New Balance WT100 Videos

An up close look at the New Balance MT100 shoe. This is what you get in the box when you order a pair of these shoes

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