New Celebrity Vibram Pics and Are Puma YugoRun Shoes “Barefoot Shoes”?

One of our readers Chris was kind enough to send us pictures of his new Puma YugoRun shoes. These shoes were endoresed by Usain Bolt and he had his own style of YugoRun shoes that were Purple and Gold. The mesh on the shoe reminds we a lot of the Nike Frees and the weight is even lighter than the Nike Free Run+ by 2 ounces.

This is what Chris had to say:

How are you doing?

Im pretty new to running and indeed this forum. Ive been running 5-10 miles 3 times a week now for around 3 years.

I read born to run and since then have been slowly moving towards a more minimalist style of running.

The reason I email is I got a cheap pair of PUMA runners called YUGORUN. I was wondering if you had heard of these? Are they a minimalist shoe?

They certainly feel that way with little heel to toe difference, mesh body and lightweight sole.
Be interesting to know did I inadvertently pick up a cheap pair of minimalist shoes!



What do you think of the Puma YugoRuns? does anybody have experience with them? Do you think they are considered minimalist Barefoot Running Shoes? If you have experience with these shoes, please feel free to share.

You can purchase your own pair of Puma YugoRun’s here (Men’s, Women’s).

Here are some more pictures of the Puma YugoRun’s in other angles:

On a side note, another reader “Cat” sent us some images of more celebrities representing the Vibram FiveFingers brand. In the latest People magazine, Thomas Jane is wearing Vibram shoes at an Emmy party of all places. Here’s a picture of Thomas Jane of HBO’s new series “Hung” sporting what looks to be a pair of Vibram FiveFingers Bikilas.

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  1. I just ran a 5K in a brand new pair of Puma Yugoruns and they were great. I have been wearing vibrams for a while but after a decent break from running I need to ease back into them.

    These shoes seem very “minimalist” with their thinner sole. They are very light. They are pretty narrow though, so if you have a wider foot, you might consider something else.


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