Newton Running Shoe Review: Expensive, Is It Worth It?

The latest high end running shoe to hit the market are the Newton Running Shoes.  These shoes boast special “actuators” that absorb impact much more than regular shoes.  The Newton Shoes also state that they train users to run correctly.  This is most likely due to the extra thick section on the forefoot area that forces runners to strike with their mid to forefoot section instead of the heel, which is known to cause joint problems and other various injuries.  Because of the design of the Newton Running Shoes, it is not a minimalist designed shoe.  It is quite bulky and has been criticized by some runners being too padded in various sections.

There are those that swear by the shoes and feel that they are definitely worth the hefty price tag that they carry.  For the same price you can get 2 pairs of Nike Free, another popular “barefoot runner” or even some versions of the Vibram Five Fingers.  Heck, you can probably get 2 pairs of MOST of the popular running shoes out there.  Nonetheless, those who love the shoe swear they make them run longer, in proper form and perform better.  The design of the shoe definitely makes it seem much more durable than the Nike Free’s as well.

To check out the different styles of Newton Running Shoes for men and women, view the video below.

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  1. The music with the demonstration of the shoe is absolutely horrible. It is very offensive. You need to change that song.

    • ah you’re actually right, I liked the beat initially but never listened to the words! We’ll have to make some adjustments. thanks Charlene. Have you tried the Newton Running shoes yet?


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