Newton Running Shoes: The Land Lever Lift Concept

The design of the Newton Running Shoe allows you to feel the ground in certain sections of your foot by putting grooves and ridges in certain sections of the soles of the Newton shoes. This by itself doesn’t hold much value, but when you learn the technique on how to strike the ground properly, the way Newton teaches you, it can yield great results. Their whole training process revolves around the idea of “Land Level Lift”. This technique is at the heart of barefoot running and the benefits that barefoot running can yield. Here is some starter information that can help you better prepare to utilize these shoes properly.

1) Land


When you land, the Newton Running shoes has a section of the shoe, just below the balls of your foot, created to train you to land correctly on the mid-section of your foot as opposed to the heels. This puts less pressure and impact on your joints preventing running injuries. It also reduces friction which potentially can improve your speed.

2) Level


The “level” in the land, level, lift trio means to come down parallel to the ground’s surface after landing. Let your foot settle “level”.

3) Lift


The Newton Running Shoe’s “lift” is pretty self explanatory. Put your body mass forward after you hit the ground and “lift” off.

This simple method allows you to land lightly, reduce impact and friction and which in turn reduces joint pain induced by running and, if done properly, increases speed for long distance runners.


The Land, Lever and Lift technique makes sense. But does Newton Running Shoes really provide you with that much more of an edge when compared to the Nike Free or New Balance shoes? Is it the shoe or is it the running technique? Please send us information about your experiences with barefoot running style shoes such as the Newtons, Vibram or Nike Frees, we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I’d like this review better if you’d decide between Land Level Lift and Land Lever Lift. Both are used multiple times. I don’t suppose it’s all that important, but since it’s the summary of the shoe’s style, I want to know what they’re really trying to teach.


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