Men’s Newton Momentum Trail

Product Description

With the Action/Reaction Technology, the Newton Running Shoes are exactly engineered to provide you with the ideal training for the proper movements of the feet. Newton specifically ensured the reliable support of the shoes to maintain strength on your feet and lower body. Regardless of its unconventional structure, the advantages of barefoot running have been carefully considered in the manufacture of these shoes on top of providing the utmost comfort and lightweight benefits.

Men’s Newton Momentum Trail, being the latest breakthrough in the series of Newton Running Shoes, is applauded for its ability to cater to all foot types and various terrains. This is precisely the type of shoes that athletes who simply enjoy training from trampled roads to mountain trails are looking for. The Men’s Newton Momentum Trail enables you to run efficiently while simultaneously help you avoid needless injuries.

Men’s Newton Momentum Trail Testimonials

JanFox, I recently got the Newton Trail and just love them. I was already a midfoot striker and had been having lots of foot pain under the ball of the foot and toe area and had tried various running shoes to no avail. The Newtons have stopped that completely. They are very comfortable right out of the box, and really lightweight. The traction seems really good they have great customer service.
Anonymous I am using these newton shoes for almost 350 km, they are working fine. I ordered orthotics from active imprints and inserted them in the neutral newton shoes, and they are working perfect. I am an international customer living in middle east. These are good shoes, and I am planning to buy two more for future.

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