Newton Distance Stability Pink

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With the Action/Reaction Technology, the Newton Running Shoes are exactly engineered to provide you with the ideal training for the proper movements of the feet. Newton specifically ensured the reliable support of the shoes to maintain strength on your feet and lower body. Regardless of its unconventional structure, the advantages of barefoot running have been carefully considered in the manufacture of these shoes on top of providing the utmost comfort and lightweight benefits.

Made to enhance your running capacity, the Newton Distance Stability Pink is especially designed for women to boost performance and achieve a higher level of speed allowing you to go farther. With an increased durability and incredibly light profile, this masterpiece is purposely created to bring out optimum performance while keeping the feet strain-free and protected. The shoe features an extended support connecting the arch and metatarsals for better rotation or movements.

Newton Distance Stability Pink – Women Testimonials

runradio, I think owning a pair is a hit-or-miss — if you are a natural forefoot/midfoot striker, it’ll be a match.
Anonymous I’m thinking of using these for short, yet high-octane distances.
My race and training times are faster in the Newtons than my Brooks so I know they work!

Womens Newton Distance Stability Pink News

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