Women’s Newton Momentum Trail

Product Description

With the Action/Reaction Technology, the Newton Running Shoes are exactly engineered to provide you with the ideal training for the proper movements of the feet. Newton specifically ensured the reliable support of the shoes to maintain strength on your feet and lower body. Regardless of its unconventional structure, the advantages of barefoot running have been carefully considered in the manufacture of these shoes on top of providing the utmost comfort and lightweight benefits.

There is just nothing that can stop women from having fun , a great exercise and in doing extreme outdoor activities with the Women’s Newton Momentum Trail. The Newton Momentum Trail for women, being the latest breakthrough in the series of Newton Running Shoes, is applauded for its ability to cater to all foot types and various terrains. It is designed to fill in the demands of running with absolutely natural and comfortable movements.

Women’s Newton Momentum Trail Testimonials

Sue101,The Newton shoes are very comfortable. Traction is typical of road shoes. One good thing about Newton is that you can try them out for a month and return them for a full refund if you don’t like them.
KaylaBought the newton shoes and absolutely LOVE them. I have just been running outside with them but I can tell a huge difference. I will never go back to the “regular” shoe. The feel a low like the nike free shoe in a way so that could be a cheaper option for you. But they are in a different group all together.
zakymaI too love the colors but just wish they had the women’s specific shoes in larger sizes as I have big feet.

Womens Newton Momentum Trail News

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