Women’s Newton Running Lady Isaac

Product Description

The Newton Running Shoes, while not exactly a traditional barefoot running shoe, the benefits that you get from running in them can be substantial.  With patented technology, Newton designed a high-end shoe that not only provides massive support for your foot, but also trains you to run correctly by forcing you to land and “strike” the ground correctly.

The newest addition to the Newton family offers intelligent control for all foot types. The Isaac is a neutral guidance trainer designed for runners committed to improving their running form to the more efficient midfoot/forefoot running style.

Newton Lady Isaac Shoe Specifications & Benefits:

  • Beveled heel and toe: Helps guide runner easily into the midfoot/forefoot
  • Beveled lugs: Smoother, stable feel that is more gradual in the forefoot
  • Wider midfoot/forefoot and lugs: Adds stability and creates a softer feel
  • Midfoot Chassis/Shank: Adds support and stability
  • Carbon rubber outersole: Increases durability
  • Closed mesh on upper: Highly breathable, fast-drying, keeps small debris out
  • Single-density, high rebound EVA: Stabilizes all foot types
  • Forefoot Action/Reaction Technologyâ„¢: Absorbs and then returns your own energy back to you allowing a boost of forward energy with every single stride you take
  • Midfoot/rearfoot support chassis: For added stability
  • Enhanced sock-liner: Increases energy return and protection
  • 100% recycled laces, webbing, insole top cover
  • 100% recycled box, packaging
  • 10% recycled outersole rubber

Women’s Newton Running Lady Isaac Shoe Testimonials

Siena L.,

Edgewood, WA

For the Serious Runners

For the serious runners, Newton Running Shoes are no joke.  They’ve helped me increase my speed and form. Whether this is because of the actual shoe or the fact that the shoe feels so comfortable I don’t mind training for longer periods of time, I’m not sure.  all I know is that I can’t go back to regular running shoes after wearing these shoes.

i think the secret lies in the NON minimalist design that forces you to run properly while not weighing down your feet.  The shoes are quite light.  Lighter than my old favorite New Balance shoes.  I wish they were a bit cheaper but on many websites they do offer slightly discounted prices.  If I were still coaching teams in cross country I would try to get my kids to buy shoes similar to these to give us an edge!


Vancouver, BC

Definitely Not Your Average Runners

Looking at the Newton Running Shoe, without knowing the brand and their story, you would think they should be 30 buck shoes on sale at Sportsmart.  Generic shoes from a company that just didn’t make it.  But after trying them on and using them you would have to have a different perspective.

Now I’m not sure if they similar barefoot running.  I think they do improve your form just by the mere fact you use them.  This could be true even without proper “Newton Running Training”.  They are very comfortable and you really do feel as if you can run a long time in them.  I’ve compared them to my Nike Running shoes as well as Asics and I absolutely would choose a pair of Newton Running Shoes over those.

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  1. Please describe the differences between lady isaac and lady isaac “s” shoes. I have a mid-foot strike but am looking for best support on the medial side due to past injury. What are their respective weight as well? Thanks for your help


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