Nike Air Pegasus ’83 SI: Featured Sale


With all the talk about barefoot running shoes, we sometimes neglect the fact that there are plenty of great running shoes out there that can benefit you and look great. We did a post in the past that was quite popular that talked about many of the non barefoot style shoes out there. The Nike Air Pegasus 83 SI was one of them. they look “Nike old school” style, low key, simple and for some reason, they are on sale right now for a great price. In a way they remind me of the simplicity that Nike Air Force Ones exhibit.

Although many of us would love buy a pair of Nike Free shoes or Vibram Five Fingers, it’s hard to beat the value of the Nike Air Pegasus. I’m not sure how logn the sale will last but for the current low price, i don’t expect it to last too long.

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