Nike Free and Vibram Unite: FiveFingers Speed


With barefoot running shoes such as the Vibram KSO’s and the Nike Free gaining popularity, a popular post has been the Nike Free Versus the Vibram KSOs.  Many people feel that the Nike Free’s, although very flexible and light, still lack a lot of benefits that running barefoot or running in more minamalist footwear such as the Vibram FiveFingers would provide.  At the same time, many people think the Vibram Five Fingers are a bit too minamalist and don’t provide enough protection.  Maybe those people are right since Vibram did not design these shoes to be specifically running shoes.

Well if the Nike Free and the Vibram FiveFingers had a baby.  It would probably be the Vibram Five Fingers Speed.  We first talked about the new models coming out here. These shoes WERE design by Vibram specifically for running.  Although at the time of this article, it is still not for sale.  Many Five Finger enthusiast are very excited to grab a pair of these:


Unfortunately you will have to wait till Spring 2010 (not too far away) to snatch one up.  I’m definitely diggin the laces.  It’s hard to even notice that they are FiveFingers shoes without looking closely.

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  1. Would like to know if you are supposed to ware socks with them and if so what would be the best ones to buy? Hence the word “barefoot” but some show with socks and some show without… hummm


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