Nike Free Run+ Initial Review and Exhibition

This is my initial review of the Nike Free Run+ shoes after running 4-5 miles in them on the treadmill. If you can’t tell by the video, I am excited that these shoes are so comfortable. This is what I think so far:Nike Free Usage

  • Great for running, very light
  • Great for casual wear because it’s so comfortable
  • Not bulky but not asĀ minimalistĀ as the Vibram FiveFingers, it’s still a real shoe.
  • Has an elevated heel but the flexibility of the shoe makes it so striking on the mid foot feels more natural than it would in another shoe.

Nike Free Style

  • I like the simple style of the shoe, maybe my neon green colors isn’t the best for casual and going out wear but the simple breathable design is perfect for my tastes.

Nike+ Technology

  • As you can see the shoe is Nike+ technology capable which allows you to place a chip and track your running progress. But this is sold separately and costs about 30 dollars USD.

Overall Impression

  • Great Feel, never had such a light running shoe that was actually a shoe (as opposed to the FiveFingers)
  • Price is very reasonable, around 85.00 Dollars USD. I could buy 2 of these instead of the Newton Running Shoes.
  • Comfortable and I don’t mind wearing them out all day casually.


  • Below is a video of my wearing and moving around in the Nike Free Run+ shoes. As you can see they are pretty flexible and light:

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