Nike Free Run Plus Review: Follow Up

It’s been a couple months since I have been running in the Nike Free Run Plus so I thought it would be a good time to revisit what I think about them. I have been wearing them every other day for basic everyday activities and running probably 3-4 times a week in them for about 4-6 miles at a time.

I have to be honest, these are currently probably my favorite shoes in terms of comfort and casual ease. First of all they are very light and easy to wear. It really does feel like I’m slipping into a pair of slippers to go out and go running. They are very non bulky and even though the lightness of the shoe may make it feel weak, flimsy and easy for wear and tear, I haven’t experienced it yet (maybe we’ll give it another 3-5 months before another review about durability.

I haven’t tried the Nike Plus tracking system yet but I do hope to soon. I would be nice to see exactly how much mileage I put on these shoes. I’ve compared running in the Nike Free to the KSO’s and I personally enjoy running in the Nike Free’s a bit more. This may be due to the fact that I am not ALWAYS in the Vibram Five Fingers shoes so maybe I haven’t gotten as used to it as many other FiveFinger enthusiasts.

I also enjoy using the Nike Free’s when I do cross training exercises at the gym. They’re also great for lunges although it would be hard to bear the FiveFingers if you are looking for a tight grip on the floor. The breathable front and top side of the shoe is another very noticeable plus.

One point about Nike Free’s is that they don’t come in a variety of widths. For my feet they are a pretty good fit but if there were a wider width size that would be perfect. I’m sure other people with even wider widths may have a harder time getting used to the Frees.

For me the extra protection that the tough Nike Free soles provide are great. I do like the fact that the toes are much more free with the Vibram Five Fingers and the Nike’s still feel restrictive in that respect, not unlike most of the other regular shoes out there, minimalist or not.

For now I’m happy to be wearing out the Nike Free shoes as much as I can and excited to see what other styles of shoes other companies are coming out with to compete. Lets see what New Balance has in stored with their new line of shoes coming out early next year.

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