Nike Free Run+ (Plus): The Unboxing

In this video I am unboxing the New Nike Free Run+. This shoe is a so called upgrade from the Nike Free 5.0s. Although the differences between the 2 shoes are not that huge, there are a few differences that they talk about. One is the material near the ankle of the shoe. It is softer and gives it more of a “sock” feel to it and is less irritating.

These Nike Frees are also Nike+ ready. The shoe allows a chip to be placed in the shoe so you can record the distances you run using the Nike+ technology. To find out more information about the Nike Free Plus, watch the video and then go to our Nike Free Plus page.

2 thoughts on “Nike Free Run+ (Plus): The Unboxing”

  1. OKAY SO, the sensor does come with the shoe? i am just making sure, so i dont go and buy that sensor kit for 20 dollars.


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