Nike Free Run+ Shoes Make Music as You Run

Nike Free Run+ Shoes Used to make music

Nike Frees are known for mimicking the “barefoot running experience” as they are made with really lightweight materials and a sole that is divided into many sections which allow it to be  extremely flexible.  The whole point of this being to replicate how a real foot moves as a human walks.

We’ve read numerous reviews and feedback about how great  these shoes.   We’ve even done a review of the Nike Free 5.0 shoes ourselves.  So suffice it to say that we’ve pretty much heard everything there is to hear about Nike Free’s.

That was until I found this video of Nike Free Run+ being used to make hip hop electronic music?!  You have to see it to believe it.

At first you might think this music shoe is a fake, but after a little further investigation it looks like this is a legit video.  Nike hired these Japanese musicians and engineers to take their Nike Free shoes and turn convert them into musical instruments.  How did they do this?  They installed 3 different sensors into the sole of the shoe that when bent would activate and play a certain tone, beat, or sound.  Pretty ingenious.  Below is the making of the Nike’s music shoe.

I’ll have to say that Nike Free’s music shoe is probably the only barefoot shoe out there that doubles as a music instrument.

Niek Free Run+ Music Shoe used by DJ's

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