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The Nike Free Shoes
were developed by Nike to give the customer more control over the shoe as opposed to having the shoes control the foot. Like other styles of barefoot running shoes, these shoes are supposed to allow your feet to move more naturally, thereby strengthening the feet and lower body and preventing injuries. The cuts in the outsole of the shoe makes the Nike Frees extremely flexible, allowing your foot to move with similar easy and flexibility as if it were barefoot.

Introducing The Nike Free

Benefits of Wearing Nike Free Shoes

  1. Strengthens Muscles in foot and lower body.
  2. Improves flexibility and range in motion in ankle, foot, and toes.
  3. Improves balance and and body awareness.
  4. Helps alleviate problems related to the impact of running on the knee
  5. Extremely light and comfortable.

Why Nike Free Shoes?

By walking and running barefoot we allow our body to move how it was initially designed. By wearing shoes, however, we change the natural way we walk and run which can lead to sprains, shin splints, and other common foot injuries. The Nike Free Shoes attempt to replicate the free and flexible motions your feet naturally have. From the amount of positive comments and reviews that we have received regarding , it looks like Nike has another hit in their hands.


Dr. William Rossi in a 1999 article in Podiatry Management said it best with regards to going barefoot :

Wise ManIt took 4 million years to develop our unique human foot and our consequent distinctive form of walk, a remarkable feat of bioengineering. Yet, in only a few thousand years, and with one carelessly designed instrument, our shoes, we have warped the pure anatomical form of human walk, obstructing its engineering efficiency, afflicting it with strains and stresses and denying it its natural grace of form and ease of movement head to foot.

The Nike Free Shoes simulate the flexibility you may experience when running and walking barefoot. As Nike puts it, the Nike Frees are:

“a revolutionary shoe that lets your feet move naturally. A shoe that awakens the foot’s sensors. Feet become stronger, more flexible. And ultimately perform better.

Nike Free Shoe Styles

The Nike Free line of shoes started off from humble beginnings. In the beginning there was only 1 or 2 different styles of Nike Free Shoes, but as the shoes have grown in popularity there are now over 20 unique shoe styles. Rather than list all the different Nike Free styles we have highlighted the most popular below:

nike free 5-0 shoesThe Nike Free 5.0 V4 is the fourth iteration of the 5.0 Nike Free shoe. Since releasing their first Nike free 5.0 (v1) they have made significant improvements based on the feedback from many different uses. The 5.0 represents the amount of barefoot running the shoe can mimic where 1.0 is barefoot and 10.0 is a traditional shoe. This places the 5.0 shoe right in the middle and makes it a good transitional shoe for people looking to get started with barefoot running.
Nike Free 5.0 Men
Nike Free 5.0 Women
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Nike Free Everyday Plus 2 ShoesThe Nike Free Everyday+ 2 is the 2nd version generation of the Nike Free Everyday+ running shoe. This shoe is a great cross training multipurpose shoe which still incorporates Nike Free’s trademark deep sole grooves which give them their barefoot benefits.
Nike Free Everyday+ Men
Nike Free Everyday+ Women
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Nike Free Sparq 09 ShoesThe Nike Free Sparq ’09 is considered the jack-of-all trades in the Nike Free Shoe lineup. From weight lifting to running the Sparq is versatile enough to handle whatever activities you might throw at it. It doesn’t give you as much barefoot feeling as the Nike Free 5.0 or Everyday, but it still has less padding than a traditional shoe.
Nike Free Sparq ’09
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Nike Free Trainer 7-0-IV Women ShoesThe Nike Free Trainer 7.0.IV is the fourth version of the Nike Free Trainer 7.0 training shoe. The Trainer is a woman’s only model. Good for running or other cross-training type exercises or activities it’s a good compromise for people looking to get more barefoot feelings in their feet, but don’t want to sacrifice on padding.
Nike Free Trainer 7.0.IV
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Nike Free Shoe Naming Explanation

The Nike Free line of shoes might get a little confusing with the different combination of roman numerals, symbols, and version numbers. Below is a quick glossary and background information on Nike Free shoes:

  • Roman Numerals (example II or IV): defines what version or generation of the shoe they are on, so “II” would be the second generation while “IV” stands for the fourth generation.
  • V4: The “V” in V4 stands for version. So V4 is 4th version of the shoe (as is the case with Nike Free 5.0 V4).
  • iD: Stands for the NikeID. This is unique to Nike and shoes that are iD enabled allow you to customize your shoes by changing materials and colors.
  • +: stands for the Nike + (plus) tracking system. Shoes that are plus enabled allow you to insert a Nike + sensor into the shoe which syncs with your iPod so you can keep track how far/fast you run with your iPod.

Learn more about the Nike Free Shoe Naming convention.

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