Nike Free 3.0 V2 Men

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Product Description

When it comes to the next best thing to running barefoot it doesn’t get much better than the Nike Free 3.0 v2 Women’s Running Shoe. On the Nike Free scale a 1.0 is considered barefoot while 10.0 is considered your traditional supported athletic shoe. The Nike Free 3.0 v2 is the second generation of the popular minimalist running shoe which features more natural foot movement without losing any protection from the outside elements and giving you excellent traction at the same time. Other features include a seamless, one piece upper that feels more like a sock than a shoe and extra deep Nike Free flex grooves which give the Free’s their natural movement feel.
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Nike Free 3.0 V2 Men Testimonials



Good Fit!

They are a good fit for sure and very comfortable from the first moment you wear them in which is always a bonus. I would say they allow your foot to spread that is quite noticeable; the mesh top over the foot is not restricting. Some people may like this and some may not. All in all they are I great shoe though, so light and breathable for the summer, and it is not good in the wet weather.


Fontana, KS

Pleasure your Foot!

The shoes are lightweight and pleasure your feet to a spot on running feeling. There is no need for overdone shoes with supposed bells and whistles for support and cushion. This is the only shoe you need. So, Nike please continue to make them like this.


New York

Extremely Comfortable!

This shoe is extremely comfortable and looks accurately as it does in the product description and fits flawlessly. I just got the shoe yesterday and decided to take it for a first run and after 7 miles, I was still comfortable and there is no pain forcing my feet to land unnaturally. The initial impression is that it is an excellent running shoe, and I would order it again anytime. I really recommend this shoe to anybody who likes running on his or her forefeet; it just lets you to run naturally.

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4 thoughts on “Nike Free 3.0 V2 Men”

  1. Okay though I have ambivalent feelings surround Nike I have to give them credit for being one if not the first to break ground on the barefoot oriented training with the Free’s. I had several pair of 5.0’s which I like. They more than any other shoe gave relief to chronic achilles issues. Then I got a pair of the 3.0’s . I have literally worn them out. I confess I am going on 3 years. 3 YEARS of training in the same shoe when previously after a few months I’d replace a ‘conventional’ running shoe. The soles, which are about all I have left I am going to use to make my own Huaraches! Time for a new pair of 3.0s. So what are the con’s if any? Well traction suffers on the trails. They are not good for lateral motion..i.e. playing ultimate frisbee. The heel is still too high in my opinion, they tend to run wide, and lastly.. they should make a lighter more minimalist version still .. a 2.0 or 1.o.!

  2. I agree. Great shoe for me as I transition to a neutral heel. When these are worn out, I expect I will be ready to be only running in Vibrams or perhaps the NB minimus; it’s a shame Nike doesn’t offer a 1.0 because I would definitely check it out based upon my positive experience with the frees.

  3. If you want a minimalist running shoe but don’t want to either go as extreme as the Vibrams, either for technical reasons or just because of the aesthetics(I don’t think many people would argue against the fact that they are pretty hideous) then I would definitely look into these. The only thing that people should be aware of when considering getting these is that they still act very much like a shoe. Yes they lower than your average running shoe, have less padding, and behave very much like a slipper, but they don’t give you the same sensation to running without shoes. So if you heel strike in normal shoes while running, chances are very good that you will continue to do so, maybe not quite as bad but you still will. I would suggest using these in conjunction with training barefoot from time to time; so when running barefoot you will get your form down and then will be able to transfer it over to running in these. Also remember to take it slow, you will notice your form getting sloppy really quick (for me its like 10-15 minutes) if you’re use to heel striking.

  4. Wow! Most comfortable shoes ever! Love the fit, and looks. Feels like I’m running on my bed. Only thing I dont like is the white outsole which will get dirty real quick. Just wish it was a darker color. Might get another pair just to wear around because they’re so comfy.


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