Nike Free 7.0 V2 Men

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Product Description

With the Women’s Nike Free 7.0, you have running shoes that let you run that extra mile comfortably. It also provides great support and cushioning. It is excellent for runners that need added stability and improved cushioning. It has breathable mesh upper with soft overlays for flexibility and lightweight support. Its asymmetrical lacing system assists in reducing foot pressure. It has minimal seam construction to lessen chafing. It is great for running and training.



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More Comfortable Walking Shoe!

I decided to try on a pair when I happened to see one during my shopping exploits. They were in fact less of a running shoe and more of a comfortable walking shoe. They are excellent for orthopedic purposes and standing for long hours. They do not come with any reflective features for running at night or early mornings. However, they are light and comfortable. They are snug around the arch and ankle. They give sufficient room to spread your toes. It has a soft fabric so it does not rub or need any breaking in. I am still extremely happy with my purchase.




This is a very great shoe. I got one just for my daily use but I also run in it if I can’t find my other nike free shoes. The only downside about it is that the painting on the midsole rubbed off really easy. I sent them back within the first week that I had them and now the ones I have even additional paint rubbed off from them.


Manhattan, NY

Good Switch-out Shoe!

This edition of Free is a good switch-out shoe for times when I need to alter my running habit. I just got them and I use them for 3-mile runs. You do not have to be super-thin to wear this. What you do need are feet that work well in neutral, cushioned shoes. These work best for running and if you have a mid-foot to forefoot running style. I use Free 7.0 is a good recovery, or second run of the day, shoe. It feels light and has lots of flexibility.

Buy Nike Free 7.0 v2 Men’s Shoes

Below are some places you can find find Nike Free 7.0 v2 shoes…in case you can’t find seem to find any.

Where to Buy Nike Free in the United States

  • Zappos (Free Shipping Both Ways, 365 Day Return Policy)
  • Amazon

Where to Buy Nike Free in Europe or the UK

  • Wiggle (Worldwide Shipping Available)

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