Nike Free Sparq ’09 Men

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Product Description

The “free” in Nike Free Sparq ’09 is short for the freedom your feet will feel when wearing these shoes. The Nike Free line of shoes is Nike’s response to the minimalist and barefoot shoe movement. While Nike is traditionally known for making fancy, ultra-supported athletic shoes the Nike Free shoes is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

The Nike Free Sparq ’09 is the Swiss army knife of the Nike Free line of shoes.  It is capable at many things from running to weight training.  Nike has an informal “barefoot scale” ranging from 3.0 to 10.0 with 3.0 being the closest to barefoot and 10.0 being a normal supported athletic shoe. The Sparq ’09 is clocks in around an 8+ on the Nike Free scale.


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Nike Free Sparq ’09 Men Testimonials


Vilseck, Germany

The End of Foot Injuries

I have been a fan of frees in all their different versions since the 5.0. This latest iteration, the Sparq, is a very beautiful upgrade to the Free family. What makes the Free such a good shoe is that it really is a lightweight trainer. It runs like a racing flat but wears like a more supportive shoe. I have run in these new sparqs for a couple of weeks now.

I have found this to be such a comfortable, well wearing shoe that I wear it every time I run. I had been told that I was a serious overpronator when I run and that neutral shoes were wrong for me. But I switched anyway and it ended all my injuries. Since running with the frees, I have had zero instances of Plantar Fasciitis or shin splints; two problems I have had to deal with a lot in the past. I highly recommend these shoes.


New Jersey

Skeptical No More

Great shoes! I was skeptical about the Nike FREE concept at first, but now I love them. They give you more flexibility and range of motion than regular sneakers, but they are still supportive and not flimsy. I use these at the gym, for weight training, different cardio machines, and even running. For all applications, they feel wonderful. Before these I had several pairs of Air Max 180’s and 360’s, and the Sparq Free’s blow them out of the water! As usual, Nike shoes tend to fit about a half size small, and these fit true to “Nike” size. But luckily, I’m a size 12, and Nike makes many shoes in the rare size 12.5, which fit me perfectly.



Hooked on Free

Hooked after the Nike Free 7.0 trainers, these Nike Free Sparqs are just as good, if not better. I use them primarily for lateral/speed/balance/agility/core type training and I’ve never been disappointed. I typically wear size 13, and these in size 13 puts my toe to the end of the toe box, but that actually feels appropriate and perhaps how the “Free” shoes are intended to be worn. Extremely durable thus far – a great all-around shoe.

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  1. I got the Nike Free Sparq ‘09 Men’s shoes several months ago. I run with a 70lbs weight vest from on the treadmill and I do not get shin splints anymore. I used to run with Nike Shox trainers but they always felt unstable and of course the shin pains. The Sparqs offer superior stability and I feel like my feet are in perfect control especially when carrying the extra load of the vest. I wear the same shoes at work without tying the laces. They are confy. The design of the lace loop section allows for a more customized fitting when tightning the laces. Great shoes!


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