Nike Free 3.0 V2 Women

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Product Description

When it comes to the next best thing to running barefoot it doesn’t get much better than the Nike Free 3.0 v2 Women’s Running Shoe. On the Nike Free scale a 1.0 is considered barefoot while 10.0 is considered your traditional supported athletic shoe. The Nike Free 3.0 v2 is the second generation of the popular minimalist running shoe which features more natural foot movement without losing any protection from the outside elements and giving you excellent traction at the same time. Other features include a seamless, one piece upper that feels more like a sock than a shoe and extra deep Nike Free flex grooves which give the Free’s their natural movement feel.



Nike Free 3.0 V2 Women Testimonials



Good Fit!

They are a good fit for sure and very comfortable from the first moment you wear them in which is always a bonus. I would say they allow your foot to spread that is quite noticeable; the mesh top over the foot is not restricting. Some people may like this and some may not. All in all they are I great shoe though, so light and breathable for the summer, and it is not good in the wet weather.


Fontana, KS

Pleasure your Foot!

The shoes are lightweight and pleasure your feet to a spot on running feeling. There is no need for overdone shoes with supposed bells and whistles for support and cushion. This is the only shoe you need. So, Nike please continue to make them like this.


New York

Extremely Comfortable!

This shoe is extremely comfortable and looks accurately as it does in the product description and fits flawlessly. I just got the shoe yesterday and decided to take it for a first run and after 7 miles, I was still comfortable and there is no pain forcing my feet to land unnaturally. The initial impression is that it is an excellent running shoe, and I would order it again anytime. I really recommend this shoe to anybody who likes running on his or her forefeet; it just lets you to run naturally.

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