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Product Description

The “free” in Nike Free Everyday+ 2 is short for the freedom your feet will feel when wearing these shoes. The Nike Free line of shoes is Nike’s response to the minimalist and barefoot shoe movement. While Nike is traditionally known for making fancy, ultra-supported athletic shoes the Nike Free shoes is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

The Nike Free Everyday+ 2 is the 2nd generation of the popular Nike Free Everyday+ running shoe. Nike has an informal “barefoot scale” ranging from 3.0 to 10.0 with 3.0 being the closest to barefoot and 10.0 being a normal supported athletic shoe. The Everyday+ 2 is an 8.0 on the barefoot scale.

This is a transitional shoe for people looking to get their feet wet with barefoot running without jumping headfirst. It offers some traditional padding and support as other running shoes, but at the same time has the Nike Free barefoot sole. It is also the only Nike Free shoe which as air cushioning support built into the heel (Nike Zoom unit located in heel).

In addition the Nike Free Everyday+ 2 can accommodate the attachment of a Nike+ sensor which will allow you to track your distance and running speed via an iPod or iPhone (the sensor is not included).


Nike Free Everyday+ 2 Women Testimonials


Poughkeepsie, NY

Comfy and Cute Too!

I love my Nike Free Everday+ 2 shoes! I ordered 1/2 size up than normal and wear them with thin socks. They fit like a glove! Very comfortable. I’ve only gone on long walks with them so far and haven’t transitioned to running in them yet. I’m taking it easy and giving my feet time to adjust. Overall, very comfy and totally cute Nikes. Mine are the black and purple. They pack down flat and would be perfect to take on vacation. Another plus, the soles grip very well. Would definitely buy them again.



Flexible and Comfortable

This is one of the most comfortable athletic shoes I have ever owned. It is flexible and cushiony. Stiff shoes seem to smother my feet, but wearing the Nike Free Everday shoes is almost like being barefoot! Great for walking, jogging, working out in the gym. I bought a 1/2 size larger than I usually wear.



Worth Every Penny or 1 Month’s Allowance

I have never ran before June 12, when I got the Plus feature for my i pod, so i found a pair of cross trainers that could hold the chip. I got shin splints and my knees hurt a lot, until my sister gave me the Nike Free Everyday+ 2 shoe to try out. I absolutely LOVE it. It is such a comfortable shoe, it looks great, and I have yet to hurt in them. I have bad knees with kneecaps that slide out of place, and a lot of pressure on my knees hurts really bad. I haven’t had this pain with these shoes. I think they are amazing!

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