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Product Description

Love running? If yes, then you will definitely love the Nike® Free Run+ shoes. It gives you the liberating experience of freedom and comfort without the hidden packages. If you are the type of runner who values the strengthening, injury-prevention and natural gait management that barefoot training is associated with, then the full packed Nike® Free Run+ shoes is perfect for you. Running will no longer be a pain with the provided extra cushioning, traction and underfoot protection. Adventure lies ahead! Grab your Nike® Free Run+ shoes and conquer the road!



Nike Free Run+ Women Testimonials


Northway, AK

Smazing shoes!

These are amazing shoes! They are so amazing that I just need to buy a second pair for myself, and another pair for my husband. They are super light. My husband and me wear them barefooted. They are also very comfortable. I wear my pairs for running and aerobic kickboxing and they performed great on both activities. These shoes are a must have.


Fontana, KS

I am very satisfied with them

This is my second pair of Nike Free+ shoes and I am very satisfied with them. I do not regret buying them. My second pair are a little wider than my first pair though, but I do not mind. These shoes are well balanced for barefoot running as compared to traditionally padded running shoes. I usually run very long distances; over 6 miles. The Nike Frees is minimally padded and thus I recommend them for short distance running. All in all, a good buy.


Arlington, CO

I love running

I love running, but I usually suffer from bunions, toe pains and numbness. I have tried a lot running shoes and a lot failed me in some way or another. I just got the Nike Free Run+ yesterday and tried them immediately… After an hour of running, I suffered…from nothing! I can not believe it at first, but this pair is by far the most comfortable running shoes I have ever worn! I never though I would be able to run without suffering pain. The Nike Free Run+ gave me hope!

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