Nike Free Trainer 7.0.IV Women

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Product Description

The “free” in Nike Free Trainer 7.0.IV is short for the freedom your feet will feel when wearing these shoes. The Nike Free line of shoes is Nike’s response to the minimalist and barefoot shoe movement. While Nike is traditionally known for making fancy, ultra-supported athletic shoes the Nike Free shoes is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

The Nike Free Trainer 7.0.IV is the 4th generation of the popular Nike Free Trainer 7.0 training shoe. Nike has an informal “barefoot scale” ranging from 3.0 to 10.0 with 3.0 being the closest to barefoot and 10.0 being a normal supported athletic shoe. The Nike Free Trainer 7.0 is right in the middle which blends the perfect amount of “barefoot” running and traditional shoe athletic shoe support.

This is a transitional shoe for people looking to get their feet wet with barefoot running without jumping headfirst. It offers some traditional padding and support as other running shoes, but at the same time has the Nike Free barefoot sole.


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Nike Free Trainer 7.0.IV Women Testimonials


Chicago, IL

Started with 1 Pair Now Whole Family Has Gone Nike Free

These shoes are like being barefoot. they are very soft but still a little supportive. I love my Nike Free Trainer 7.0IV shoes so much! I wear them to the gym every day. After my pleasant Nike Free experience I went out immediately and bought another pair. I now own the training shoe and a running shoe in the free.

My husband was curious about them because of my praise he made me order him a pair. He is very impressed. Then my son who runs marathons ordered a pair. Now the whole family has gone Nike Free.


Dumont, NJ

I’m Now a Nike Fan

Plainly awesome. I happened to read an article about running barefoot; tried it and liked it but got bruised, so the next step was finding minimalistic running shoes. The Nike Free Trainer 7.0.IV shoe was the answer.  I liked them so much I got another pair for my son who is also in the high school track team. You got yourselves another big fan!



Comfort for the Whole Day

Just an awesome shoe. I’ve never owned anything so completely comfortable. Put them on right out of the box and needed absolutely no breaking in of any kind. I hope to find them somewhere else to get a 2nd pair. I use them for work and fun, on my feet about 9 hours at work, and my feet feel great at end of day.

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  1. Hi i would like to buy some nike free 7.0 iv china rose white jet stream size 7.5 for my wife. I have only seen them on the net and most places don’t have that size I would be super happy if you could help me.

    Thanks ryan.


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