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Adidas is a name that can be linked to a hundred of different athletes both professional and amateur. The name brand is synonymous to winners and achievers in the field of sports. The dream of providing every athlete and regular people with the best possible equipment has become a reality and Adidas continues to propel people forward with their latest innovations called the Adidas AdiZero.

The Adidas Adizero collection boasts of a new breed of running shoes that encourages and supports athletes to run faster, jump higher and win big. It was worn by Haile Gebrselassie when he ran the World Record of 2 minutes and 3 seconds. The Adidas technology of full forefoot adiPRENE and the adiPRENE insert in the heel creates a total environment of support, comfort and power for every person’s feet.

Introducing The Adidas AdiZero

Benefits of Wearing Adidas AdiZero Shoes

  1. Ultimately lightweight yet offers ample cushioning.
  2. Torsion system adds midfoot stability.
  3. Remains cool and comfortable even when running under intense heat.
  4. Has superb flexibility when you run up or down a hill.
  5. No discomfort, rubbing or slipping and fits like a glove!

Why Adidas AdiZero Shoes?

The Adidas innovation and technology are featured in their Adizero Footwear collection. Adizero footwear is equipped to provide every person the same tried and tested power and stability they require from their Adidas running shoes. It contains the unique Torsion system which adds midfoot stability so that even when you have a run in with potholes and ditches, you are able to hold your footing without breaking stride.

Adidas AdiPrene offers enough amount of cushioning to make your feet comfortable without the additional bulk. It also maintains forefoot propulsion and efficiency for a faster and smoother run. The Adiwear outsole gives you the best durability in high wearing areas or surfaces that usually makes other shoes prone to wear and tear.

Dr. William Rossi in a 1999 article in Podiatry Management said it best with regards to going barefoot :

Wise ManIt took 4 million years to develop our unique human foot and our consequent distinctive form of walk, a remarkable feat of bioengineering. Yet, in only a few thousand years, and with one carelessly designed instrument, our shoes, we have warped the pure anatomical form of human walk, obstructing its engineering efficiency, afflicting it with strains and stresses and denying it its natural grace of form and ease of movement head to foot.

Adidas AdiZero Shoe Styles

The Adidas AdiZero Adios is made for running Track and field. It is made out of mesh and a synthetic upper with rubber soles.
AdiZero Adios Men
AdiZero Adios Women
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The Adidas AdiZero Aegis is equipped with adiPRENE in the forefoot to give that propulsion and efficiency. And it has a light weight, high-rebound midsole compound for a fast and efficient transition with Torsion System for midfoot integrity.
AdiZero Aegis Men
AdiZero Aegis Women
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The Adidas AdiZero Mana 5 has molded respoEVA sockliner for anatomical fit and has a great step-in comfort. It is lightweight and provides long lasting comfort while the adiWEAR ousole delivers the best durability in high wearing areas.
AdiZero Mana 5 Men
AdiZero Mana 5 Women
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The Adidas AdiZero Pro comes with innovative adiWEAR outsole for that superb durability and adiPRENE in the forefoot to maintain efficiency and propulsion. It comes in different colors: blue, silver and orange.
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