ASICS Gel Bandito – Mens

Product Description

One of the most popular shoe makers and a popular veteran in the field of running and sports shoes is ASICS. With its acronym derived from the Latin phrase, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano which means a sound mind in a sound body, the company stays true to the philosophy that every concept, innovation and idea is aimed to creating the best product. The company strives to build upon their technological advances while pushing the limits on what they can learn from the body and in its needs when it comes to athletic gear. The ASICS Gel Bandito greatly represents this philosophy.

You can go the distance with this GEL-Bandito race shoe. It is built with numerous engineered technologies which are built into a lightweight package designed to meet the racing needs of a human body. It has an AHAR Hell plug heel fit. The midsole is made out of Solyte sole while the outsole has DuraSponge. The shoe comes with a Trusstic system support type. This makes for a total high performance running shoe that is hyperly affective in long distance flat racing. The snug upper fit made with breathable mesh provides comfort as you run every race of your life.




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ASICS Gel Bandito Mens Testimonials

Eric Being 210 lbs and an overpronator, I’ve used these as my race shoes from 5k up to 10k, but use my Saucony Trigon Ride 5 for longer races. I’ve been very happy with this shoe for the events used. 50 miles to date on them.

Once you get over the rock’n’roll styling, these shoes are pretty minimal! Weighing in a slim 7.9 oz (compared to my 13oz Kayanos and XT Wings) they obviously feel very light. Their construction is pretty minimal and the uppers are virtually non existent with lightweight laces and very thin mesh upper.

David I truly recommend these as a daily trainer. I can get about 450 miles in them. I will do my first marathon in these in NY. A few days ago a did a 24 miler in them and am no worse for the wear.

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