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People gravitate towards martial arts not just because of the action but also the discipline it brings to a person’s life. Of course it involves a certain pair of shoes that can protect your feet and at the same time give you the proper support while doing some martial arts movements. The Feiyue Martial Arts shoes have a simple yet highly durable canvas lace up top and a padded yet ultra lightweight sole. This makes it the perfect tread for all styles, providing maximum traction for ultimate performance.

This is the number 1 shoe choice for most Shaolin monks and masters. It is popular and fashionable and you cannot believe how affordable it is. You can buy several pairs of Feiyue shoes for the price of a single pair of some of the martial arts shoes. The shoe sizes are from 31 to 47 which can be perfect for practice whether you are an adult with enthusiasm for martial arts or you have a kid who is one.



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Black Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes Testimonials

C. Silva,
Boston MA
I’m an adult woman who’s recently taken up Kung Fu. Everyone in my class wears these shoes, and most are fairly senior (brown or black belt). They all rave about them, and I agree. Especially for the price. Good stability on hard wood floor and good support. Also, very light weight (which especially helps after a long work out!).

The only caution I’d make is that these shoes are very wide. I’m a size 7.5 US womens, but didn’t find a corresponding size — so I purchased size 39 (which corresponds to 8.5 US). I wish I had purchased the 38 (which corresponds to 7.0 US). So if you’re on a boarderline size, my recommendation is to go smaller. But other than that, I’m extremely pleased!

J. Arcara,
New York
I use these shoes only for practicing Tai Chi, and they’re wonderful for that purpose. I used the conversion chart provided when ordering the shoes, and upon arrival they fit perfectly. The soles provide good traction and are flat enough that I can confidently practice foot movements without the distraction of a large, heavy sole. I wouldn’t use these shoes for walking over rough terrain or jogging.

The Masked Reviewer For Shaolin martial arts, there is no better shoe. The only thing that comes even close is the Adidas Samba Classic, which is just a more expensively made Feiyue in most respects. Low cut, lightweight, streamlined, simple.

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