Brooks Green Silence Unisex

Product Description

Brooks running shoes are products built around elevating the experience of running. Its advanced stability, cushioning and motion control gear makes it the product of choice among runners of different calibre and levels. Brooks is dedicated to inspire people to become active by creating innovative equipment to keep you running longer, farther and happier as well performing better. Brooks innovation and care for the runner as well as his environment can be best personified with the Green Silence running shoe.

The Brooks Green Silence Unisex is making a lot of noise in the running community. Creating an eco statement, each part of this running shoe is made up of a sustainable element which includes soy based inks and recycled materials. With Brooks innovative BioMoGo, it provides more cushion fell that lasts. The moisture managing element Mesh provides excellent breathability and comfort for your feet. Not only are you being good to your body, but also to your environment!




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Brooks Green Silence Unisex Testimonials

Dhalgren, New York, NY The Green Silence is simply an extraordinary shoe. I didn’t expect it to be durable or comfortable, given my experience with other shoes made from recycled and/or eco-friendly materials. But the Green Silence is a flexible and extremely comfortable flat. It’s a running slipper, really. I usually need shoes that provide extra cushioning and pronation control. The last shoes I wore with this little midsole cushioning were Converse All Stars back in the mid 90s. These are nothing like casual flats. The Green Silence provides the proper structure and breathability to give you an almost barefoot experience. It feels like no other athletic shoe I have worn. Quite an achievement.

I think Brooks has created a whole new class of shoe for its product portfolio, and I hope it experiments with different colors. These do look like clown shoes, but they do draw a lot of positive attention.

airman, saco,maine best running shoe ive ever ran in. i run in these shoes more than my actual training shoes. there comfotable, i feel that i run alot better form wise. there light,bright and just right. i honestly dont know what else to say but…brooks did a wondeful job with these shoes. there great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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